What Our Customers Say

Quality construction, home design, plans, and options were the major deciding factor in choosing Blandford Homes. The Sales Person has been wonderful! Extremely patient and informative. We trust their advice.

– T

Love the style of homes and customer service is great and the staff for Blandford is super helpful!

– R

Blandford’s reputation is key, your designs are amazing, your staff has been insightful and friendly. Made it easy to choose.

– B & F

Simply the best builder in Arizona in our opinion. We have looked into around 10 different builders and Blandford is the Best! The Sales Person is amazing, very informative and took the time to provide answers and examples to all open questions. Knowledgeable, patient and great listeners. The Sales Person is a great asset to Blandford Homes

– H

There is a feeling of honesty with dealing with the realtor (Ernie). The neighbors in the community have all good things to say about the community –the activities going on in the community and the quality of their homes. Ernie has been wonderful and interested in making this a win/win for all parties.

– R

The Sales Person was amazing. They didn’t put pressure on us and they answered all our questions. They were always available. It was a fantastic experience. The designer is terrific! The combination allows us to build the first house of our lives in a very efficient fashion – congratulations.

– N

[The homes] are absolutely beautiful! The sales person has been kind, courteous, and pure delight

– L

My husband and I were sure we had bought our one and only dream home until we found another Blandford Home! We are now selling our first Blandford Home to move into our second and newest dream home! We love the drama and design of both homes. The Sales Staff is better than ever. They are patient, knowledgeable, and caring. We are happy to purchase a second Blandford Home because there is a trust factor knowing that you will be there for us if we need you! In addition to that, the homes are just amazing!

– Rick and Linda

The staff is excellent, very polite, and courteous. We love Blandford Communities. The Sales Agents are exceptional and have great customer service skills!

– John

The Sales Agent we worked with when purchasing our 2nd Blandford Home sold us our first 16 years ago! Blandford Homes is trustworthy, professional, and the Sales Staff is personable. Makes buying a home fun and easy!

– Bob and Margaret

We hope we enjoy this new home as much as we have our current Blandford Home for the last 27 years.

– Kelsey

We currently live in a Blandford Home and just bought in another Blandford in the same community. The community is everything we are looking for and the Sales Agent was excellent. They took a lot of time to explain everything to us, never pressured us and answered every questions that he had.

– Rich and Toni

We just bought our second Blandford Home. The sales agent was a big part in making our decision as they were very professional, knowledgeable, not pushy, and made the transaction very pleasant to deal with. We are very happy with everything!

– Jorge and Lisette

Blandford Homes has been wonderful to work with. The agent was readily available when we needed them. Love the low pressure sales technique! The Sales Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful; the design center is great and makes it easy to choose everything.

– Michael and Catherine

We chose Blandford Homes because the uniqueness of the community and their award winning reputation! The Sales Agent was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Thank you!

– S